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Ad Formats

Native Ads

Native ads helps in engaging your audience across countless apps and websites. With its high converting native advertising, you can guarantee a seamless experience for users without changing the form and function of a website.

Pop Unders

Pop-Under Ads for Desktop or Mobile Devices help advertisers in driving high converting traffic to your website and delivering great results by seeking the lowest price for the targeted visitors directed to their website, landing page or application.


Keyword targeting options help in maximizing your ad's exposure to specific customers who are likely to be interested in your products or services. It is also ensured that your ads are shown only at specific areas to deliver high effectiveness.

About The Platform

AM Tech Ads is a self served bidding platform with precise targeting and 24/7 transparent performance monitoring system. With its detailed targeting feature, worldwide audience & high quality traffic, you get the highest eCPMs for your traffic.

Targeting Capabilities

Geo Targeting

Geo Targeting allows you to reach your target audience by countries and cities.

Carriers Targeting

With Carriers Targeting, you can choose a particular carrier to reach your targeted audience.

OS Targeting

OS targeting allows to reach users using specific desktop, laptop or mobile operating system.

Device Targeting

Reach customers through any device from desktop to tablet to smartphone.

Browser Targeting

Choose from a comprehensive list of popular browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE and more.

Domain Targeting

Create a list of relevant and profitable domains for your campaigns and our network will make your ads appear on specific websites only.

How big is AM TECH ADS ?

countries covered
billion ads served monthly
milion unique visitors per month
active campaings

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